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Angel knew what was coming. Knew why Cordy had wanted to talk to him alone. On the night she’d come back, he’d found her looking at the picture of the two of them with Connor. She had asked if Connor was theirs, but hadn’t asked him the question. Not yet.


Cordy looked up at him, doe eyes wide with hope. “Were we in love?”


“No.” He cringed at the flash of pain in her eyes.


“Oh.” She looked down at her clenched hands.


“We’re friends.” He put a hand over hers.


Yeah, give her the old ‘let’s be friends’ speech. Angelus cackled. That’ll make it hurt less.


“Good friends.” Angel said firmly.


“But not…” She looked up at him again. “Not in love?”


See how irresistible we are? The demon drawled. No memory and she still wants us. Hey, we could get a little pussy if –


“No.” Angel said both to Angelus and Cordy’s question.


“Fine. Okay.” Getting up, she hurried out of the courtyard, brushing past Lorne as he came out of the hotel.


“What’s wrong, honey?” He turned to Angel. “Good news, sweetcakes. I have just the thing to restore Cordy’s memory.”


“Great.” He eyed the bottle clutched in Lorne’s green hand. “A potion?”


“A memory spell.” He cocked his head to one side. “Oh, no. You’re not – “


“Wait until I get back.” Angel turned and headed for the hotel’s garage.