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The demon Angelus and the soul of Liam inhabit the same body. Together they

are Angel. They share memories, experiences, and consciousness. And they share

the same eternal love for one woman. Buffy Summers.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


A common thread through my stories is that Angelus ~ although powerless to

act ~ is aware of everything around him. At those times when Angel is

depressed or weak , he can hear Angelus clearly. And at times of hunger and

need ~ especially sexual need ~ Angelus is able to exert some measure of

control over Angel.


Angelus’ thoughts are expressed in the font Monotype Corsiva, a font common

to most computers using Windows. You can download the font here if you

need to; otherwise, it will be displayed with the default font which isn’t nearly

as… Angelus like.


A friend told me that I have to accept Buffy/Spike and Angel/Cordy because

'that's the way it is’. Perhaps… but it’s not the way it was meant to be…



Thanks to Ralkana, my beta reader, chief minion, and good friend for helping

me put this site together.


With Six You Get An Eggroll ~ Nc17 Adults only ~ 11/10/02
Buffy and Angel delve into the mysteries of the Gypsy curse

Scent Of A Slayer ~ Nc17 Adults Only ~ 11/10/02
Just how in tune with the Slayer has Angel become?

Fred’s History Lesson ~ R ~ 11/10/02
Fred wants to know about this “sex” curse of Angel’s

Promises In The Dark ~ PG ~ 11/10/02
Angel and Buffy’s meeting after her return from beyond

Tender, Loving Care ~ Nc17 Adults only ~ 11/20/02
Buffy’s carelessness leaves Angel to nursemaid

If Wishes Were Kisses ~ PG13 ~ 11/26/02
Angel escorts Buffy to Xander and Anya’s wedding


The legend of the Claddagh Ring

Angel’s tattoo and what it means

The Spell of Restoration

Paranormal Safety Tips

Were you a vampire in a former life? ~ find your vampire past

Buffy Crash Course ~ new to the Buffyverse? Catch up here ~ find any and all things Buffy

City Of ~ excellent Angel resource

My Janeway/Chakotay fiction



The Required disclaimer that I own nothing and Joss and

The Powers That Be own it all…

although I’d love to own Angel…



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